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Hi! Welcome to Mickey Morphic!

I'm Mickey! 


I have spent my entire life being a visual artist in every and any medium you can imagine. All through my childhood and young adult life, I was always trying to make the world around me more "pretty", more "interesting", however I could; but when my mom bought me my first "nice" camera when I was 18 -- I knew where my art needed to go.

I instantly became obsessed with photography, composition, how to get the perfect shot by any means necessary. I had spent many of my formative years making accessories and costumes and fawning over the models on AMNT and eventually Drag Race, and the amazing conceptual shoots they would participate in. I spent years building my craft and skills on both sides of the camera, and through styling. 

Ten years later and I have built my skills to be able to make almost any vision a reality. I have worked on styling and even designing my own costumes, I have many years of experience shooting and have always focused on building an eye for composition for the perfect, visually stimulating shot. I have modeled for years, gaining the experience of what poses work for what garments or situations, how best to find and produce light for models, and how to get the perfect shot no matter what side of the camera I'm on. I have spent hundreds of hours perfecting photoshopping and photo manipulation to put whatever backgrounds or special effects into an image that you can imagine.

Please take a look through my photography, styling/design and modeling portfolios. Whatever you can imagine, I can help you achieve it <3

For booking or contact info, look below! <3

Contact Info

To book a session or for any questions, please send a message to one of the following! 


Facebook messenger:

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